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Rama Vision Portal in UAE is an AI-Based Investment platform where we serve our clients with Optimum Returns and Minimum Risks*
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To provide our customers with Better Returns at Lower Risks using our AI-Based Investment Platform.


Rama Vision Investment Portal in UAE will consistently generate up to 20% net profit for our clients!

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Investment Management has seen a paradigm shift in recent years which in turn has created Polarity & Variance in the market. Here’s where Rama Vision Investment Portal in UAE comes into the picture. We just don’t want to tackle this disparity but also contribute to Society as a whole.

Enhancing the Financial Services & Management Ecosystem, Educating the masses, Spreading Awareness of the Technological leaps concerning Finance, Creating a full-fledged employment infrastructure, and working towards serving the people of the UAE and the whole world are among the core ambitions of Rama Vision Investment Portal in UAE.

One of the greatest minds of our time Elon Musk once said that he had to build SpaceX when he realized the Space industry Ecosystem and Technology are degrading on their own, and unless someone intervened, maybe we will never have another trip to the moon or beyond!

But before we march into the cosmos, we must make a difference in the World where we live. We at Rama Vision comprehend that Revolutionizing the Financial Services & Management Spectrum is not a One-Man Job but a collective goal, and we want to play our part correctly with our AI-based investment platform. The vision that the leaders of The Gulf Tiger- UAE had when starting on a 50+ years journey to achieve greatness drives us toward making the world a better place.

We are ready to lead the charge and make our mark with our AI-based investment platform.

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Rama Vision Investment Portal in UAE optimizes your investments to help you achieve your goals and financial dreams by revolutionizing AI-powered investment in the UAE.

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Institutional Investors regularly run into roadblocks like low-to-no cashflows and returns.

With our multifaceted AI-based Investment Platform you can choose the plan that best suits your Financial Goals. Rama Vision Portal gets you profitable results at minimum risks.

Conventional Financial Services & Management don’t utilize the Technology of our times which limits the growth and the overall profit quotient.

With Rama Vision Investment Portal In UAE and our AI-based Investment Platform, we analyze decades of Data Points on Products & Traders’ Behaviors making the optimum choice.

Traditional Investment methods often lead to Inconsistent Returns on investments.

Rama Vision Investment Portal In UAE helped clients overcome the cash-flow drought from their investments. With our AI-based Investment Platform, clients get periodically scheduled withdrawal dates, an easy-to-use Dashboard, and consistent returns*.

Investors get hefty charges when they revoke early or exit their investments.

Rama Vision Investment Portal in UAE gives complete freedom to Investors to exit or revoke at any point in time with minimum to no charges. With our AI-based Investment Platform, you are the Boss of what you invest!

Press Releases.

Mohamed Hafiz

CEO, Co-founder
Hafiz is a serial entrepreneur coming from the Engineering background and developed his Financial Services Career in Dubai.
Didn`t take him long to observe the gap in the market and start venturing into Fintech Industry with specialty in MENA market.
Have worked with multiple well stablished Brands in the financial Services in various Jurisdictions, and his passion of Business Development gave him an edge when it comes to Market-fit products creation.
Shaikh Khaled Bin Humaid Al Qasimi, co-founder of RamaVisionPortal

Shaikh Khaled

Being a member of the ruling family of Emirate of Sharjah is not the only cutting edge for Sh. Khaled.
He has an admirable Entrepreneurship spirit, open minded and proactive Individual.
Despite his busy schedule he still manages to follow-up on his portfolio and investments, adding value by profile and network exposure as well.

Yaqoob Alhammadi Auditing

Accounting and Auditing
AY Chartered Accountants, is an accounting, auditing and tax advisory services firm established in the commercial hub of Dubai, UAE.
They are a group of Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Information System Auditors led by a young and dynamic professional whose vision and passion is complemented by a team of qualified, well experienced and dedicated professionals

Adnan Khan

Financial Technology Advisor
A FinTech enthusiast and Expert with 18 years of experience in Financial Technology and Both Sell side and Both side Technology environments and setups.
Adnan Talks and walks the Fintech and forward thinking professional.
And when it comes to innovation and finding solutions; Impossible is not in his dictionary.

Siddharth Bhan

With his exceptional passion for technology and a deeper understanding of the current digital marketing trends, Siddharth has built a successful digital marketing agency from scratch.
He is assisting many startups in taking their business online, building a robust brand presence, and multiplying their income through tried and tested digital marketing strategies he has perfected over time.
He is leading the web development team making the user experience for Rama Vision Portal users better every day.

Ahmed Mohsen

Big Data and Business Analysis Advisor
Ahmed Abdelwahab has worked in Software Engineering and Data Analytics Industry for 18 years.
Ahmed is the Big Data and Business Analysis Advisor of Rama Vision Portal, to collect, qualify, and mold data into an investment decision making panel.
The quality of Mr. Abdelwahab as an advisor is his passion to bring growth to unrevealed terrains.
As part of consulting in technology and business analysis, he has worked strategically to build up data governance platforms and supported government and private sectors to accomplish missions using bulk population.

Khaled Guerbouz

Structured Products Advisor
A veteran in the Financial Services arena with more the 20 years of experience in the private banking sector between Switzerland, France and UAE.
Khalid brings sound of wisdom and profitability for clients when it comes to Structured Products and other Private banking advices.